Abandoned Castle
Abandoned Castle
Greater Location Elrit Forest
Realm Northern
Inhabitants Formerly: Ingway and Velvet
Now: Gwendolyn, Oswald, Myris, Brom
Military Force
Greatest Weapon

Gwendolyn and Oswald conversing on the balcony of the Abandoned Castle

The Abandoned Castle is a very old castle located in Elrit Forest.

It was once owned by Demon Lord Odin but he gave it to his children Ingway and Velvet after their kingdom was destroyed. Years later after their betrayal he offered it to the Shadow Knight Oswald in exchange for killing the dragon Wagner, he accepted under the condition that he would also marry Princess Gwendolyn. The castle was later inhabited by not only them but also by Gwendolyn's caretaker Myris and Oswald's confidant Brom. The castle was actually owned once (and presumed built) by King Gallon when most of Elrit Forest was under the nation of Titania.

Abandoned Castle

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