A Berserker soldier
Leaders Demon Lord Odin
Homeland Ragnanival
Ally Races Valkyries (female counterpart),
Characteristics Can grow to large sizes,
High strength and endurance,
Superb combat skills
Notable Members Demon Lord Odin, General Brigan

Berserker is the name given to the strongest and largest males in the Ragnanival army. Their female counterparts are the Valkyries. Hailing from the northern region of Ragnanival, these large brutes are ruled by the powerful Demon Lord Odin. Unlike most humans, Berserkers have far greater strength and endurance than any human and can grow to great sizes.



General Brigan, the Berserker general of the Ragnanival army

The Berserkers live to serve their King in battle and their desire lasts till the end of their days, and as they continue to do so they will have their honor and pride. The most powerful warriors are seen wearing the pelts of dangerous beasts, possibly as a sign of strength.


Berserkers are all physically powerful: their endurance and speed are equally great and some Berserkers are even larger than the Axe Knights in Titania. They are easily the most physically dominant army in Erion, weilding axes in battle. Unlike their female counterparts, Berserkers don't have wings on their armor with the exception of Demon Lord Odin, who has two small black wings placed on his shoulders.

As EnemiesEdit

Berserker warriors can be fought as mini-bosses in several regions. They fight very similarly to both Unicorns and Axe Knights. They begin with some basic attacks then switch to defense, placing their shields in front of them. the only way to attack them in their defensive position is to jump over them and attack them from behind. They will then attempt to ram the player with their shield or jump up high and slam them. After their defeat, they release 14 phozons.


During the Armageddon, Ragnanival was vanquished by King Gallon's undead arm. It is presumed that the Berserkers and Valkyries were wiped out, with exception of Gwendolyn (the former princess of Ragnanival). With her, the history of the Berserkers may have been preserved.

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