Titles None
Relatives King Edmund (brother),
King Gallon (father),
Cornelius (nephew),
Oswald (son)
Affiliations Humans (former subjects)
Unknown village girl (wife)
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Titania
Profession Exiled Prince
Abilities/Powers Unknown
Weapon None
Voice Actor None
Seiyū None

Prince Edgar was the oldest son of King Gallon and older brother of King Edmund. He was the heir to the throne of Titania before having been exiled for marrying a village girl. According to King Gallon, he left resenting his father and suspect an act of betrayal. Thinking that Edgar will try to kill him, King Gallon sent assasins to kill him and his wife in secret. However, he was able to save his son, Oswald who was found by Melvin and later raised him to become the Shadow Knight.

He is one of the few characters only referrenced and never seen in game.

He was first mentioned by his younger brother King Edmund to Cornelius during Cornelius's story, to get Cornelius to end his relationship with Velvet and later by the blacksmith dwarf Brom, who told Oswald during Oswald's book, that he and Melvin found him in a house, in the Woods when he was just a baby. With him was "a dying man, and a young woman", referring to his mother and father, who was dying after the attack of the assassins.