Increase Stats

Equipment Name  Description
Draw Ring Pick up items on the ground without thaving to kneel down
Speed Belt Increases running speed
Power Stone Increases POW recovery rate
Luck Stone Increases changes of item drop
Spirit Stone Increases EXP gained from absorbing Phozons
Gourmet Ring Decreases time taken to eat food
Shild Ring Prevents a set portion of damage
Adversity Ring Attack power increases as HP decreases
Vampiric Ring Recovers 1 HP for every damaging hit to the enemy
Ancient Crystal Revives the wearer once when defeated

Increase HPEdit

Equipment Name  Description
Star Pendant Increases max HP by 5%
Moon Pendant Increases max HP by 10%
Sun Pendant Increases max HP by 20%

Increase AttackEdit

Equipment Name  Description
Saturn Bangle Inreases attack ower by 5%
Cythera Bangle Increases attack power by 10%
Mars Bangle Increases attack power by 20%
Jupiter Bangle Increases attack power by 30%

Status PreventionEdit

Equipment Name  Description
Talisman Increases resistance to all status effects
Amulet Prevents status effect "Frog"
Detox Charm Prevents status effect "Poison"
Fireproof Charm Prevents status effect "Burn"
Ice Proof Charm Prevents status effect "Freeze"

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