Greater Location
Ruler Regional monarch ruling over areas of the world.
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Inhabitants Valkyries, Berserkers, Fairies, Humans, Pookas, Vulcans, Dwarfs, Unicorns, Dragons, Mandragoras, Goblins, Geists, Haljas, Revenants
Military Force Regional forces in the five major kingdoms.
Greatest Weapon

Erion is the main setting for Odin Sphere where all the events in the story take place.


Erion is composed of eight major regions surrounding a body of water: Ragnanival, the northern icy region that is home to the Berserkers and Valkyries, ruled by Demon Lord Odin; the forests of Elrit to the northeast, which is unruled and belongs to the native wildlife; Titania to the south of that, the domain of humans and ruled by King Edmund; the Volkenon Lava Pits further south of that, home to the Vulcan race and ruled by the immortal Inferno King Onyx; the Ringford forest of Fairies to the west, ruled by Fairy Queen Elfaria; the ruins of the Kingdom of Valentine further west, the only inhabitants that now dwell there being the Pooka living underground; Winterhorn Ridge even further west, which is the home of the remnants of the Dragon race; and finally the Netherworld Endelphia, land of the dead, to the north west, ruled by Queen Odette.


The three major military powers in Erion are known to Ragnanival, Titania and Ringford, as considered by the inhabitants of those kingdoms. The Fire Kingdom under Onyx and Netherworld under Odette actually prove to have military power well above the other three kingdoms, but are not considered so most likely because the two nations seem to keep to themselves.

Ragnanival and Ringford spend most of the storyline locked in constant warfare to gain control of the Crystallization Cauldron, while Titania remains neutral, though apparently favoring Ragnanival more over Ringford. This is evidenced by most humans not being even aware of the extent of the existence of fairies, King Edmund's decision to wed his son Cornelius to one of Ragnanival's two princesses (Which one exactly is never specified) and Odin's gift to Titania of a Psypher Sword.

While Odette does hate Odin, she refuses to go to open war with the Demon Lord, as she does not wish to endanger setting off the Armageddon spoken of in the prophecies of Valentine and in the Erion Saga. Meanwhile, Onyx does occasionally involve himself in the affairs of the other kingdoms, as he did attempt to wed the Ragnanival princess Gwendolyn and tensions almost flared to the point of warfare between Ragnanival and the Fire Kingdom when Skuldi of the Three Wise Men of Titania captured the princess and gave her to Onyx.


Erion uses no standard of currency, and instead all five known coins to be minted are accepted across the continent. Ragnanival Silver from Ragnanival is made of low-quality silver and thus is worth only 1G. Titanian Gold is minted from Titania, from the kingdom's many Gold mines, and is worth 10G. Also, there are the Valentine Coins, which contain small amounts of King Valentine's magic so that all in his kingdom could receive his blessing. It is said that when all the coins are brought together, a single wish can be granted, which is the goal of the Pooka race, to use the wish to break their curse. The Individual coins are the Ariel Coins, which bare the visage of Princess Ariel and are worth 5G, Valentine Coins, bearing the symbol of Valentine and worth 10G and special Commemorative Coins, made in celebration of Valentine's greatness, and worth 20G. The Valentine, Commemorative and the Ariel coins are the only currency accepted at Pooka restaurants, and should be saved for use there.

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