Velvet's story begins with Her and her love interest, Cornelius, sharing a romantic moment with each other. After Cornelius left, Velvet's twin brother, Ingway and Skuldi spring out from their hiding places. Ingway tells Skuldi to leave and tell Urzur of his further plans. Ingway reminds Velvet about the curse their mother wrote to them in a parchment, stating that Velvet was to be cursed and Ingway would face death.

Velvet then travelled to Winterhorn Ridge to speak with the soothsaying dragon, Hindel about the curse and how to avoid that destiny. He sees the end of the world, and informs Velvet that his time on the earth is almost up since a Black Knight is going to kill him. Velvet -naturally- is in shock that Hindel says he will be killed shortly. She then tells him that she is going to try and stop the beginning of the end of the world.

Velvet then plans to travel to the Netherworld, looking for the scrolls that foretold Armageddon. There, she runs into Skuldi again. After Master Krois and Skuldi argue, Krois leaves angrily.Velvet, with Skuldi's help, finds King Gallon. Gallon gives Velvet the scrolls contained in his rotting body, telling her to seek out the rest of the psalms, but due to his laughter, he attracted the attention of Queen Odette, who grows furious that the granddaughter of King Valentine is in her dominion and tells her that Valentine escaped the Netherworld, much to the shock of Velvet. She defeats Odette in a fierce battle, but is surrounded by the Halja. Demon Lord Odin saves her life and briefly chats with Odette. Despite her protests, Odin escorts Velvet to the Netherworld exit, where Skuldi, who was listening in, vanishes to tell Beldor and Urzur the fact that Velvet is Odin's daughter.

Velvet informs Krois about Valentine's escape. Krois assumes that the mad dictator would plan to use the Crystilisation Cauldron to bring forth the Armageddon. Velvet infiltrates the Kingdom of Ringford where the Ring of Titrel is kept by the Fairies. Velvet encounters the Fairy Princess Mercedes who informs the former that Ingway gave the ring to the Queen. Velvet defeats Mercedes and escapes with the ring.