An Axe Knight, one of the strongest humans in Odin Sphere
Leaders In Titania: King Edmund
In Ragnanival: Demon Lord Odin
Homeland Majority: Titania
Minority: Ragnanival
Ally Races Berserkers,
Characteristics Magical capabilities,
Financial skills
Notable Members Cornelius
King Edmund
The Three Wise Men

Humans are one of the major races of Erion, the majority hail from the eastern kingdom of Titania ruled by King Edmund, though some humans reside in Ragnanival under the rule of Demon Lord Odin.



A common human vendor

Unlike the other races, humans are not as strong as Valkyries and Berserkers or as technologicaly skilled as the Dwarf's, but thanks to a strong line of royalty they have managed to make their kingdom of Titania one of the largest in Erion, and ever since the destruction of the magically skilled kingdom of Valentine, their race has managed to excell greatly in magic and has given birth to many powerful sorcerers, most notably The Three Wise Men. Many humans manage to make a living as a vendor and many have succesfully set up shops all over Erion. But despite this seeming prosperity, many humans in Titania suffer from poverty due to its high tax rate and the severe consequences that come from disobeying the laws set after King Gallon's rule. Nontheless, they continue to strive.



Ingway, a Valentinian

Though Valentinians appear human, according to an ancient text (History of Valentine) found by the player, it is explained that the people of Valentine came to Erion from another world on a flying ship, and it also explains that their technology and magical skill was far greater than any other race in Erion. Any other connection they may have to humans aside from appearance is still unknown.

Berserkers and ValkyriesEdit

The Berserkers and Valkyries are a tribe of humans from Ragnanival who possess different characteristics from the humans of Titania.


During the Armageddon, nearly all of Erion's human population was destroyed, but due to Oswald and Cornelius's survival the human race continues to exist 1000 years later.

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