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Ingway, the Frog Prince
Titles Prince Ingway,
Odin's Bastard Child,
Prince of the forgotten kingdom of Valentine
Relatives King Valentine (grandfather)
Velvet (sister)
Odin (father)
Gwendolyn (half sister)
Griselda (half-sister)
Princess Ariel (mother)
Affiliations Mercedes (Love Interest)
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Valentine
Profession Sorceror
Abilities/Powers Shapeshifter,
Master of Magic and Alchemy,
Possesses the power of Darkova
Weapon Dagger
Voice Actor Liam O'Brien (Uncredited)
Seiyū Syoutarou Morikubo

Ingway is Velvet's twin brother and the prince of the destroyed kingdom of Valentine. He is the first born child of Odin and the late princess Ariel as well as the older half-brother of Griselda and Gwendolyn.



Ingway is the illegitimate son of Demon Lord Odin and Princess Ariel. Before being strangled to death by her father, King Valentine, Princess Ariel left a scroll of prophecy stating that Velvet's destiny is to be cursed, and Ingway's destiny is death.

King Valentine showed little care for Ingway or Velvet claiming that they were the embodiment of Ariel's betrayal, and he would even torture the children as he saw fit. During this time, Valentine continued its war with Ragnanival, and Valentine's victory seemed likely due to their weapons forged in the Crystallization Cauldron. In an effort to save his father's life, Ingway sabotaged the Crystallization Cauldron. He intended to simply make it self-destruct, but it went out of control, causing the destruction of the entire kingdom and turning its people into Pookas. Velvet and Ingway were spared from the event since Velvet was outside the country and Ingway found protection behind the cauldron.

Odin soon found the children but, fearing the consequences if it ever became public that Odin had illegitimate children with the enemy, he instead kept them in secret and gave them the abandoned castle in Elrit Forest for them to use as they wish. Ingway still desired to make his father suffer for abandoning his family and for his cold reaction after Valentine's destruction. Ingway developed a very pessimistic personality, most likely as a result of his harsh childhood, and spent a great deal of his time planning his revenge against his father. To this end, he attempted to use the Three Wise Men so he could obtain the cursed power of the Darkova. In a plan to obtain Darkova Ingway deceived Cornelius and cursed him into the form of a Pooka in order to prevent his romance with Velvet, and to take his place and learn of the secrets of Darkova from King Edmund. However, his plan failed and he eventually turned against the Three Wise Men, aiding Cornelius in saving his sister from Belial, the dragon controlled by Urzur. In the end however, Ingway was cursed by Urzur just like he had cursed Cornelius, but instead being turned into a frog.



Ingway in his cursed form

The Cursed Ingway encountered Mercedes in the Forest Of Elrit and caused her to lose her Tasla into the swamp. He agreed to find it for her provided she break the curse on him by kissing him. Not liking frogs herself, Mercedes was unwilling to keep her end of the deal for some time, forcing Ingway to tag along with her for a majority of her story. During this time he did assist her in her retaking of Ringford from Melvin and saved her by casting the Pooka Curse on Beldor just as the sorcerer was preparing to attack Mercedes. Casting the spell wore Ingway out however, and Mercedes decided to finally make good on her end of the deal and kissed Ingway, causing him to return to his human form. The two then developed a possible love interest towards each other although Ingway insisted that he must leave her due to duties he had to attend to but promised they would meet again.

The DarkovaEdit

After assisting Cornelius in overthrowing Urzur, Ingway returned his attention to obtaining revenge on Odin. To this end, he struck a deal with Queen Odette, borrowing her army so he could attack Odin. Velvet attempted to stop him however, and Ingway unleashed the power of Darkova on her. She subdues him before the spell is complete and he reverts to his normal form, but unfortunately the spell has taken hold of him and he soon finds that he will never be free of it until he dies.


The start of Armageddon finds Ingway changed, wanting to do some good. When he sees his grandfather at the cauldron starting to bring about the end of the world Ingway transforms back into Darkova in order to stop him and destroy the cauldron once and for all. Unfortunately, he didn't see the wise man Beldor lurking about after returning from the Netherworld when the gateways were opened. Beldor promptly casts a spell to control Darkova and Ingway is made a prisoner in his own immense, beastly body. Depending on which character is chosen to fight him, the general events change slightly, but ultimately he always dies.

If Velvet fights against Darkova, he reverts back and Beldor's control over him is broken. After the battle Velvet and Ingway are happy to see each other one last time, and succumb to their fates. Beldor comes out to search Ingway's corpse for the scroll to Darkova's power, and becomes enraged not being able to find it.

If Mercedes fights Darkova, he reverts back after the battle. Beldor is angered that Mercedes managed to defeat him, then is suddenly killed by Ingway. Ingway quickly goes to the dying Mercedes to check her condition, lamenting over what he has done. Mercedes, severely wounded in the fight, is happy to at least see Ingway one last time. Before she dies, she confesses her love for him and dissipates into phozons. Ingway is left wailing in despair.

If Cornelius fights Darkova, Ingway reverts and gives Velvet a clue that he found on their mother's scroll that would save the world. After Velvet and Cornelius retreat, Ingway reveals that even near his death, he still thinks of Mercedes and wishes to see her again. Soon after Ingway dies from his injuries.


  • Ingway is the spell caster who turned Cornelius into a Pooka, although it is also revealed that Urzur had sent him to the Netherworld in Cornelius' cursed form hoping for his death, not Ingway.
  • Ingway is also the only character to change forms multiple times. Going from human to frog to human, then changing into the immense Darkova, plus impersonating Prince Cornelius (in his human form) to deceive King Edmund and impersonating his sister Velvet to confuse the real Cornelius.
  • In the true Armageddon events, moments before Ingway's death after he is defeated by Cornelius, he says he still thinks of Mercedes even as he lay dying. In the false ending, after Mercedes' death and her confession of love for Ingway, he breaks into tears and grief showing that he did truly love her. (Ingway also had no one else to love, this makes Mercedes the only person he ever truly cared for other than his sister).
  • Ingway is considered to be one of the two anti-heroes of the Game (The other being Oswald).

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