King Edmund
King Edmund
Ruler of Titania
Titles Beast Slayer
Relatives King Gallon (father)
Edgar (brother)
Cornelius (son)
Oswald (nephew)
Affiliations Urzur (court wizard)
Odin (acquaintance)
Axe Knights (loyal subjects)
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Titania
Profession Monarch
Abilities/Powers Formerly: Excellent swordsmanship skills,
Tremendous strength and power equal to any other ruler in Erion
Now: None
Weapon Psypher Sword (Formerly)
Voice Actor Nolan North (uncredited)
Seiyū Fumio Matsuoka

King Edmund is the elderly ruler of Titania and is considered the weakest monarch in Erion among the ruling families.

Son of King Gallon and father of Prince Cornelius, Edmund is the ruler of the human kingdom of Titania throughout the Odin Sphere timeline. Under his rule, Titania has retained a neutral status with the other kingdoms of Ragnanival, Ringford, and Volkenon, keeping to its own affairs even during the raging Cauldron War between Ragnanival and Ringford.

Edmund is depicted as an elderly king, bent over with age and dressed in a green robe, red cape lined with fur, and wearing the regal crown of Titania. He carries with him a small scepter, although its purpose is unknown. It is unknown if his short stature is natural, or was a creative way of describing the ravages that time had taken upon his body, but is most likely the latter when he is compared to his son, Cornelius, and the fact that he was once a robust, master swordsman. Although feeble and decrepit, he was a skilled swordsman in his younger days and possessed strength equal to that of the other heroes of Erion, and since he once wielded the Psypher Sword of the Titanian Royal Family, possibly used magic as well. It was he who defeated King Gallon in his Darkova form, smashing the teeth in all three of his mouths, as Gallon recalled. Although little is said about the actual fight between Edmund and his father, it is hinted that the battle was long, bloody, and drawn out and caused Edmund to lose the Psypher Sword. Edmund himself was emotionally scarred by the battle, becoming fearful at the very mention of his father’s name, and quivering in fear when he noticed the Psypher Sword in Cornelius’s possession. When speaking to Urzur in the streets of the Titanian capital, he was clearly disturbed by the memories of his father, remembering the blood that covered him after that tragic battle.

Edmund plays a minor role throughout the series. His once prosperous nation has come under heavy taxation, and the people live in poverty while renegade sorcerers and goblins populate the slums and back alleys. It appears as though Urzur himself is able to wield as much power as the king, demonstrated by how much he commands the royal guards.

During Armageddon King Gallon leads the denizens of the Netherworld across Erion and lays waste to Ragnanival and then to Titania. Edmund himself leads Titania's remaining forces in an attempt to defend the crumbling city, but they are crushed under the masses of undead and ghouls. He encounters his father, who has become an undead Darkova, and attempts to halt his destruction of the people he once served. But Gallon, devoid of sympathy or compassion, kills Edmund by consuming him for the maggots in his stomach to feast upon.