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King Valentine as a Revenant
Titles Insane King
Souless Corpse
Kind King
Relatives Princess Ariel (daughter)
Velvet (granddaughter)
Ingway (grandson)
Affiliations Leventhan (servent)
Goblins (unwilling subjects)
Pookas (former subjects)
Gender Male
Race Formerly: Valentinian
Now: Revenant
Homeland The Kingdom of Valentine
Profession Mad King
Abilities/Powers Formerly: Infinite magical powers
Weapon The Crystallization Cauldron
Voice Actor Keith Silverstein
Seiyū Shingo Hiramatsu

King Valentine is the primary antagonist of Odin Sphere and the former ruler of Valentine, he is also the grandfather of Velvet and Ingway.



King Valentine as he once was. (Sprite ripped by Dazz. Assembled by SmithyGCN)

Valentine was once a kind and wise man, but with the perceived betrayal of his daughter he eventually slipped into insanity, and by the time of his return to Erion wanted only to destroy the world. At this point Valentine is little more than a deranged shadow of his former self, lashing out in violence almost at random and descending into depression just as often.


King Valentine is under the Chaotic Evil or "Pure Evil" alignment. But as he was stated to have been once a kind and wise man, then he may have been under the Lawful Good or Neutral Good alignment.


Fall from greatnessEdit

Prior to his death, King Valentine was the kind and gentle ruler of Valentine. It is said that Valentine came to Erion from a distant land and that he brought with him great magic. Using this power the king created the Crystallization Cauldron, a weapon capable of consuming phozons - the life of the world - and reverting them into either weapons or energy using the Ring of Titrel. His power became a threat to Titania, and the two nations went to war. In a desperate move to save his nearly-defeated country, King Gallon of Titania used the spell of Darkova to transform himself into a demon beast. Valentine was forced to withdraw as Titania engaged in what was known as "Erion's greatest epic". With Titania defeated, Valentine became the most powerful nation in Erion. Despite the fact that he created the Cauldron, King Valentine ruled his kingdom with kindness and compassion and for it he was loved by all his subjects - especially his daughter Princess Ariel. The Cauldron's ability to create psyphers eventually began to interest Ragnanival, who engaged Valentine in yet another war. During the ongoing struggle, King Valentine discovered that his daughter Ariel had bared two children with Demon Lord Odin, the ruler of Ragnanival, and became overwhelmed with hatred and madness. In his blind fury he strangled his beloved daughter to death, but in her last moments she only spoke of how she loved her father and that she would never hate him no matter what. King Valentine also knew that Velvet and Ingway were Odin's offspring, and attempted to kill them if they didn't swear that they hated their mother. Despite that she cursed her children, it is discovered later that Ariel had forgiven her children for abandoning her and her father for succumbing to his anger. Odin continued to fight for Valentine's demise in retribution for his beloved's death, and the war ended catastrophically when Ingway, desperate to prevent his father from invading, activated the Cauldron. Valentine was destroyed and all its citizens were cursed, save for Velvet and Ingway. After the war, Ragnanival gained control of the Cauldron, Ingway gave the ring to Elfaria of Ringford, and King Valentine slipped into sadness and regret for having killed his own daughter. Because of the curse of the Pooka, he continued to maintain a physical form in the Netherworld and would remain there to endure years of suffering and torture.


King Valentine killing his beloved daughter

Return to ErionEdit

While suffering his eternal punishment in the Netherworld, Valentine encountered Cornelius and offered to show the prince the way to Queen Odette if he would be allowed to leave the netherworld with him. Cornelius eventually agreed, and through Cornelius' mistake, Valentine finally escaped the Netherworld, into the land of the living. He made his way to the Crystallization Cauldron, hoping to use it to destroy Erion, but he was stopped by Cornelius. Valentine left the cauldron behind and began to scheme other means of world destruction.

Valentine encountered his granddaughter and Demon Lord Odin at Elrit, and forced Velvet to attack her father by threatening to destroy the Pooka Village. Velvet managed to defeat Odin, and Valentine moved to finish the demon lord off, though Odin was only acting defeated (though he admitted it was to a degree) and grabbed Valentine in one of his massive hands, preparing to crush the mad king. Valentine then fell into depression again, despairing over his actions in the past and demanding Odin kill him to spare him further pain. Odin instead chose to leave Valentine alive in disgust, telling the cursed king to wallow in his despair for eternity.

Hatching the DisasterEdit

Valentine ordered a band of Goblins to steal the Valentine Coins and destroy them at the Volkenon Lava Pits, but the creatures ended up not going through with it. Cornelius pursued the goblins and again encountered Valentine. Valentine explained that he had previously enchanted each coin with some of his power, and that by destroying them he could regain his lost power. Since the Goblins betrayed him, he moved on to his last plan and revealed a Dragon egg. He claimed it held Leventhan the last dragon spoken of in the prophecies, and placed his crown on the egg, giving Leventhan all his remaining power. Leventhan then hatched, and battled Cornelius, though the Pooka Prince managed to defeat the fledgling dragon.

Valentine took Leventhan to the altar of the origin of Fire while Inferno King Onyx was away (recovering from the wounds he obtained from Oswald), which Leventhan then consumed. At that moment, Mercedes and Brom arrived hoping to obtain some of the fire for themselves. Mercedes and Leventhan battled, with Leventhan again being defeated. It was still not dead, however, and continued to rampage through the Fire Kingdom while King Valentine was away. Onyx sent Oswald to defeat it, but with his sword's power drained by Queen Odette, Oswald was unable to finish it. Gwendolyn arrived and fought the dragon off - the last time it was seen until the Armageddon, which began when King Valentine called forth Leventhan to sleep inside the depths of the Cauldron.

With its power returned and its true master in control, the Cauldron was activated and told to destroy Erion. Using phozons absorbed from around the planet, the Cauldron began to empower Leventhan and accelerate its growth while simultaneously firing beams capable of sending continents into the sea. King Valentine essentially had two methods to destroy the world, both of which were threatened when Ingway attempted to use the spell of Darkova to fight the Cauldron. Fortunately for the mad king, Beldor arrived and took control of the Darkova. King Valentine was officially destroyed when he called out the now fully-grown Leventhan after Velvet deactivated the Cauldron. Bidding the world that had caused him so much torment goodbye, Valentine threw himself into one of the massive energy blasts radiating from Leventhan's mouth.

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