Greater Location Erion
Realm Northern
Capital Endelphia
Ruler Formerly: Queen Odette
Successor: King Gallon
Owner Queen Odette
Currency -
Inhabitants Haljas, Geists, Revenants
Military Force Undead Army
Greatest Weapon Phozon Crystals,
The Shadow Knight,
King Gallon

The Netherworld is the dark and lifeless domain of Queen Odette, it is the home of all souls that comitted crimes during their mortal lives. The Netherworld is the first circle in the upper left corner on the map to the right while Winterhorn Ridge is just below it. The Volkenon Lava Pits are located in the circle in the lower right corner.


Book 1: ValkyrieEdit

This dungeon serves as final dungeon for Gwendolyn. She came here to retrieve the lost Oswald, whose soul has been sold to Odette in exchange of the power of Belderiver. As she fights her way through, Gwendolyn finally realizes that all she need to do is to believe in her own conviction; and that she had fallen in love with Oswald for the first time. Braving all obstacels, Gwendolyn finally faces Queen Odette and after a hard battle, she manages to retrieve her husband.

Book 2: The Pooka Prince Edit

This is the first dungeon of Cornelius. After he had been turned into a Pooka, he was cast into the dark Netherworld. After exchanging words with Galleon (unknown to the prince himself) he set out to leave the Netherworld. He was halted by Queen Odette, but he battles her and won. Leaving the dark realm, Cornelius then set his foot into the territory of Aesirs, the Ragnanival.


Cornelius battling through the depths of the Netherworld

Book 3: Fairy LandEdit

Mercedes came here, under the lead of the sorcerer Beldor to retrieve Brom, who had been cast into the Netherworld as a punishment because he refuses to forge any Belderiver. She seeks Brom to find a way upgrading her Psypher, Tasla so it may withstand the power of Balor; King Odin's Psypher.

Book 4: The Black SwordEdit

Book 5: FateEdit


  • All of the protagonists come here at one point in their story.
  • Netherworld may be based on Niflheim in Norse Mythology. To say 'go to Hel' means to die, and Niflheim in Norse Mythology is attested as a realm of the dead; souls who were living their live unnoticable and died not in honor was prisoned here. Queen Odette may mirror the mistress of Niflheim, Hel.
  • Halja; the name of the field boss in Netherworld, is theorized as the Proto-Germany name of Hel.
  • The netherworld is also featured in another Vanillaware game, Dragon's Crown were the player have to defeat hordes of demons and their king.