The Odin Sphere (Original Soundtrack) is the music score for Odin Sphere. It was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto & Basiscape and was originally available on two discs. It is currently available on iTunes.


Tracklist Edit


Disc 1

  1. Odin Sphere Theme
  2. Opening Title
  3. The Attic Library
  4. Tutorial
  5. World Map
  6. Battle In the Netherworld
  7. Battle In the Netherworld - Second Movement
  8. Battle In Ragnanival
  9. Battle In Ragnanival - Second Movement
  10. Battle In Elrit Forest
  11. Battle In Elrit Forest - Second Movement
  12. Battle In Ringford
  13. Battle In Ringford - Second Movement
  14. Battle In the Land of Fire
  15. Battle In the Land of Fire - Second Movement
  16. Storming Battlefields
  17. Storming Battlefields - Second Movement
  18. Battle In the Twisting Streets
  19. Battle In the Twisting Streets - Second Movement
  20. Trial
  21. Victory

Disc 2

  1. Alone At World's End
  2. Valkyrie March
  3. A Fate Accepted
  4. Fear and Valor
  5. A Hero's Triumphant Return
  6. The Mysterious Pooka Village
  7. Pooka Kitchen
  8. Melody of Mourning
  9. Study Time
  10. Rally
  11. Grueling Road to Glory
  12. A Gentle Moment
  13. The Prince of Darkness
  14. A Sign of Rebellion
  15. Creeping Cataclysm
  16. Rise and Invasion
  17. Facing the Darkness
  18. The Fated Path
  19. Odin Sphere Theme (Shanachie Version)
  20. Odin Sphere Theme (Orchestra Version)
  21. The Attic Library (Orchestra Version)
  22. Odin Sphere Theme (Instrumental Version)

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