The Pooka Curse is a mysterious spell with origins in the destroyed Kingdom of Valentine.

The Curse Edit

When used upon an individual, it causes them to be transformed into a beast that resembles a rabbit-like creature. The spell also gives them immortality, although they can still be killed and thus become Revenants that wander the Netherworld. If the Pooka Curse is cast upon someone with an evil heart, they become Goblins instead.

The majority of Pooka in Odin Sphere were transformed when the Crystallization Cauldron destroyed Valentine. There are three exceptions to this; Cornelius and Beldor, who were both cursed by Ingway, and Velvet, who allowed herself to become cursed by the Cauldron in order to save the world.

The spell is incredibly powerful, as the only way to remove it is to collect all the coins from Valentine and have a wish granted. The Pooka run restaurants in the Pooka Village with the goal of obtaining all the coins; however, only Cornelius and Velvet were ultimately freed from the curse, as the rest of the Pooka perished during the events of Armageddon.

Known Pooka Edit

  • Myris
  • Meril
  • Krois
  • King Valentine
  • Beldor
  • Cornelius
  • Velvet (True Ending only)