Greater Location Erion
Realm Northern
Capital Nebulapolis
Ruler Demon Lord Odin
Owner Demon Lord Odin
Currency Ragnan Silver
Inhabitants Berserkers, Valkyries, Dwarfs, Humans
Military Force Aesir
Greatest Weapon Balor,
Psypher Spear

Ragnanival is the Aesir[1] kingdom ruled by the fearsome Demon Lord Odin. It is located in the frozen northern realm of Erion with the Netherworld to the west, Elrit Forest to the east, and an ocean to the south. The capital of Ragnanival is the city Nebulapolis. The collective term used to describe the people of Ragnanival is Aesir; alternatively, that is the name of their fighting forces, whom are comprised of Berserkers and Valkyrie. They also include the Dwarfs, whom are a recent addition to the kingdom and its forces. It is the larger circle on the map to the right.

Culture and Society Edit

The Aesir are apparently a very warlike culture.

Economy Edit

The state currency is Ragnan Silver, coins made from the silver mines in Ragnanival's own land. However, the quality of the silver is poor, so the individual coins have the least worth of any coin in the world. However, these coins are accepted all over the world and can be found everywhere. Vendors treat them as pennies for the purpose of making change when customers overpay.


Book 1: ValkyrieEdit

Gwendolyn came back here to brought back the Ring Titrel presented to her by Oswald. Driven by duty, Gwendolyn fights through her way and arrived at the Castle where a furious Demon Lord attacked her. Realizing that Demon Lord is controlled by General Brigan, Gwendolyn defeats her father, forcing the soul of Brigan to leave Odin.

Book 2: The Pooka PrinceEdit

Cornelius was brought here after being saved by Odin from the realm of Netherworld. Cornelius was forced to prove that his words are true: He is the royal bloodline of Titania, the son of King Edmund, he is asked to defeat General Brigan. He proved victorious and he is allowed to leave Nebulapolis along with his Psypher Sword.

Book 3: Fairy LandEdit

Mercedes never come to Ragnanival. Instead, she faced Odin in The Lost Kingdom of Valentine.

Book 4: The Black SwordEdit

Oswald actually never visits Nebulapolis in his real gameplay. He is only seen in Nebulapolis when he spyed on the Aesirs at the request of Melvin. This is also the first time he laid his eyes on Gwendolyn.

Book 5: FateEdit

Velvet visits here to catch up with Ingway who planned to kill Odin to exact his revenge and unknown to her, Ingway had stole the secret spell of Darkova, transforming into the dreaded Darkova and Velvet faces off against him, wanting to knock some sense into him. Ingway transformed back into human, and the twin shared a moment about their mother's death.

Area OverviewEdit

Bosses and EnemiesEdit


  • In Norse mythology, the Aesir are the main pantheon of gods, ruled by Odin. After fighting a war with the Vanir, they united into a single tribe of gods.