The Ring Titrel is a magical ring capable of controlling the Crystallization Cauldron. It was given to Queen Elfaria by Ingway following destruction of Valentine, hoping to deny his father Odin the chance to abuse the Cauldron out of revenge. It was some time later stolen from Ringford by Velvet, who used it to de-activate the Cauldron while the Aesir and Vanir were locked in a battle over it. She later attempted to keep it from those who would abuse it by entrusting it to the dragon Wagner. Wagner agreed to guard it, but it was unfortunately taken after he was slain by the Shadow Knight Oswald. Oswald later gave it to the banished princess Gwendolyn as a sign of his love for her. Gwendolyn then returned to Ragnanival and gave it to her father Odin, who used it to re-activate the Cauldron and use it to further his goals of conquering Erion.

Mercedes retook the ring from Odin following her victory over the Demon Lord and his army over the Cauldron. After hearing of this, Gwendolyn fought her way through Mercedes' forces single-handed and took the Ring from the young Fairy Queen. She continued to possess the ring throughout the rest of the story, before she and Oswald, both unconscious were found by Velvet. Velvet used the ring to reverse the Cauldron's power to restore as many Phozons as possible into Erion to save the continent, sacrificing four of the Psyphers in the process. It is unknown what happened to the Ring or the Cauldron following this. Possibly both ceased to exist.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ring Titrel is likely based on the ring, Andvaranaut from the original Norse Mythology.