Greater Location Erion
Realm Southern
Capital Ringford Palace
Ruler Formerly: Queen Elfaria
Successor: Queen Mercedes
Owner Ringford Royal Family
Currency -
Inhabitants Fairies, Unicorns, Dwarfs
Military Force Vanir
Greatest Weapon Tasla/Riblam,

Ringford is the forest kingdom of the Fairy race formerly ruled by Queen Elfaria and currently ruled by Queen Mercedes. It is located in the southern realm of Erion. The Valentine ruins are to the west, and across the western sea lies the Volkenon Lava Pits.


Book 1: Valkyrie Edit

Gwendolyn visited this area to retrieve the Ring of Titrel from the hands of Fairy Queen, Mercedes. She encounters Mercedes in her castle and battles her, eventually defeating the young queen.

Book 2: The Pooka PrinceEdit

Cornelius never visited Ringford in his story. Instead, he visited Nebulapolis.

Book 3: Fairy LandEdit

Ringford is the home to the Fairy Queen Mercedes, and such is the first area to explore even that Mercedes is forced to leave after the usurp of Melvin. Mercedes later battles Oswald in her castle, she proved to be victorious (even though Oswald is not at full strength at that time) and took back Ringford.

Book 4: The Black SwordEdit

This is also, the first area that Oswald visits as he is affiliated with the Fairies in the first place. Oswald later would leave this place after the death of Melvin.

Book 5: FateEdit

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Area OverviewEdit

As Ringford is the house of Fairies, Ringford's landscape is very much covered by trees--It is full of large ones in particular, and the Capital of Ringford is hidden within them. The player can also find many Caroteer here, which are required to make the Healing Potion and the Elixir.

Bosses, Enemies and MandragorasEdit

Boss: Unicorn Knight, fought two times in this place.

Enemies: Mostly the Vanir guarding this area, including the soldiers and the fairies.

Main Bosses: Mercedes and Oswald are both bosses fought here for Gwendolyn's story and Mercedes' story, respectfully.

Mandragoras: Onnione and Caroteer are the most frequently found Mandragoras here, but sometimes Habaneristo and Cusbane are found here as well.


Interior of Ringford Palace


  • Ringford could be based on Vanaheimr in Norse Mythology, the home for Vanirs between the nine worlds of Norse Mythology. In the game, 'Vanir' also refers to the Fairy Army led by Queen Elfaria.