The Vanir are a military group appearing in Odin Sphere. They are the army of the Fairy kingdom and are based within the southern realm of Ringford


  • Queen Elfaria (Queen and original commander.)
  • Queen Mercedes (Queen following her mother and later commander.)

Member RacesEdit


The primary force of the Vanir, fairies enter battle either as frontline melee soldiers, or flying overhead. From their aerial vantage point, female faeries either shoot arrows into the fray, or work powerful supportive or offensive magics.


Heavy Melee forces within the Vanir, their strength can match the largest of Berserkers found in the Aesir army.


  • Oswald (Shadow Knight)
  • Beldor (Sorcerer assistant of Queen Elfaria)
  • Belial Dragon servant of Beldor.

Military StrengthEdit

The Vanir are most likely a newer power, and it also seems they were not involved to any great extent in the war with the Valentinians. The Vanir were able to capture the Crystallization Cauldron following Valentine's fall, and managed to hold it for some time. They suffered a major defeat in the early stages of the story that resulted in Queen Elfaria's death, but managed to re-take the cauldron at a later time, inflicting a similar defeat on their enemies, the Aesir.


During the Armageddon the Vanir were destroyed by the combined forces of the Beldor-controlled (who was most likely seeking revenge on Mercedes) Ingway in his Darkova form and the Fire Nation forces under Inferno King Onyx. Ringford was burnt to the ground and the Vanir destroyed during the attacks.

In GameEdit

The player will battle with the forces of the Vanir whenever the story happens to direct them to Ringford. Also, Gwendolyn, Velvet and Cornelius will battle them at the Ruins of Valentine area. In addition to that, the final two will also encounter the Aesir forces at this location as well. Fairy Knights, Archers and Sorcerers will be encountered during normal areas, and Unicorn Knights will be encountered as Sub-Bosses.