Volkenon Lava Pits
Greater Location Erion
Realm Southern
Capital -
Ruler Inferno King Onyx
Owner Inferno King Onyx
Currency -
Inhabitants Vulcans, Salamanders, Magma Rocks, Goblins
Military Force Vulcans
Greatest Weapon Origin of Fire,
Onyx's True Form

The Volkenon Lava Pits is the fiery kindom of the Vulcan race, it is ruled by the immortal Inferno King Onyx.It is located in the south-east realm of Erion.


Book 1: Valkyrie

Gwendolyn visits here in search for her missing husband Oswald. She encounters the Inferno King Onyx and fights Leventhan, proved to be victorious.

Book 2: The Pooka Prince

Book 3: Fairy Land

Mercedes along with Brom came here to find some fire to upgrade the Tasla into Riblam. However, here, she encounters Leventhan as well, and yet proved to be victorious over the infant dragon.

Book 4: The Black Sword

Oswald came here under the request of the Inferno King Onyx to slay Leventhan that has been disturbing his realm, though the King's intention is to kill Oswald by using Leventhan so that Gwendolyn may be his. Oswald, however, knows Onyx's motive and was enraged, mortally wounding Onyx in his wrath.

Book 5: Fate

Area Overview

It Have a Temple which where Forging Weapons like Mercedes Forged here Riblam to make it powerfull its very large volcano at the Boss Final stage and Volcanic Caves on sides and Burned Land Like hell 


  • Volkenon is probably based off of Muspelheim, the land of fire, no one except Muspel's sons is able to live there. These "sons" must be referring to the Vulcans from the game, Onyx's servants. In the norse mythology Muspelheim was one of the two kingdoms that is said to have created the world.